Dr. Oskar (Oscar) Trebitsch

Dr. Oskar (Oscar) Trebitsch

männlich 1886 - 1958  (72 Jahre)


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"Immigrants from Europe“ (letter to the editor), in: Sidney Morning Herald, 29.10.1946

"Immigrants from Europe“ (letter to the editor), in:
Sidney Morning Herald, 29.10.1946


Asset To Australia

To the Editor of the "Herald."

Sir,-I was rather amused at the accusations made against the 200 immigrants from Eastern Europe and the
Middle East who arrived here on the Strathmore.
What utterly unworthy types these immigrants must really be as they were rightly blamed by their well-bred fellow passengers with so distasteful crimes as throwing fruit peelings on deck, hanging their washing across the promenades, and their women even wearing peasant type shawls around their heads, arousing the suspicion that they may after all be even peasants.
Accepting as a fact that all, or at least all native born Australians are well-mannered, cultured, and sober people, should it not be taken in consideration that these immigrants arc coming from war-ravaged countries, degraded by long years of humiliation, hunger, and innumerable sufferings, and that they may, in spite of their bad manners, become in future nevertheless an asset to this empty Continent in so dire a need of hands willing to work?
Can Australia really hope to get immigrants in sufficient numbers from circles of accomplished ladies and gentlemen of the glamourised "northern type" whose alleged superiority to the Mediterranean type is based on the same unsound basis as the very nearly related "Aryan" myths of the Hitlerites? It was the Mediterranean type who gave mankind its first and greatest geniuses, but I have a certain suspicion that Socrates would also have thrown fruit peelings on deck of a ship and, if not he, Diogenes.
Australians should really start to face the realities of the vital immigration problem. There is only one alternative before them: Australia will be a melting pot or an empty pot.

Vaucluse, -

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